Each research program (RP) is divided into several work packages (WP) that correspond to additional divisions of the research agenda according to specific (clusters of) disciplines. For more information, see the section Research Programs. The project management is hierarchical. The top management includes, apart from the Principal Investigator, heads of the individual research programs and the Project Director. The Project Director coordinates the administration team and its cooperation with the research team.

The broader management team includes heads of the work packages and key researchers. Altogether, the project includes about 130 key, senior, junior, postdoctoral, and doctoral researchers. For more information, see the section People.


The Academic Management

Principal Investigator
doc. Mirjam Fried

RP1: Creative Laboratory
doc. Vojtěch Kolman

RP2: Socio-Cultural Adaptation
doc. Mirjam Fried

RP3: Strategic Regions
prof. Olga Lomová

prof. Martin Procházka


doc. Petr Čermák


WP1.1: Autopoiesis and Creativity
doc. Vojtěch Kolman

WP2.1: Language and Communication
doc. Mirjam Fried

WP3.1: Identity
prof. Pavel Barša, Ph.D.

WP1.2: Fiction, Play, and Performativity
prof. Martin Procházka

WP2.2: Psycho-social Factors of Successful Adaptation
doc. Jiří Mudrák

WP3.2: Migration
prof. Martin Humpál

WP1.3: Continuity, Discontinuity, Tradition
doc. PhDr. Eva Voldřichová-Beránková, Ph.D.

WP2.3: History of Adaptation Processes
doc. PhDr. Peter PavĂşk, Ph.D.

WP3.3: Interaction
prof. Olga Lomová

WP1.4: Creative Industries
doc. Petr Szczepanik

prof. Luďa Klusáková †


WP1.5: Digital humanities

Mgr. VĂ­t Ĺ isler, Ph.D.



Project Administration:

Project Director
Ing. Barbara Poslušná

Project Manager
Bc. Miroslava Líbalová

Ing. Markéta Hlavinková

Financial Manager
Ing. Hana Zlatová

Public Commissions Administrator
Mgr. Eliška Horáčková

Human Resources Officer
Kateřina Tutková

Business Travel and Contract Officer

Roman ZaĹĄko, PhD. – Ordering Application, Business Travel Billing

Consultant for Law Matters

Mgr. Jindřiška Ziaťková

License Agreement Executive Officer

Mgr. Kateřina Zvoníková

Purchase and Invoice Executive Officer

Veronika Nykodýmová

Independent Library Acquirer

PhDr. Markéta Charvátová