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2nd Symposium on Public Festivity Ritualising in the Times of the Corona

18 září

Typ akce: Symposium
Místo: Prague
Organizátor: KREAS – Olga Cieslarová
Akce přesunuta z června 2021 na září 2021 vzhledem ke snaze o prezenční konání akce.

Ritualising in the Times of the Corona
Charles University, Prague (18–19 September 2021)
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many festivities and public events were cancelled in 2020 – often at the last moment, without offering any time to the organisers to rethink the events frameworks. As the pandemic lingers on, we have entered yet another year of restrictions limiting public gatherings and social contact. This brings to the fore important questions about the character of transformative and ritualising dynamics of public festivities, including possible adverse cultural, political and economic impacts resulting from their absence.
The 2nd Symposium on Public Festivity, jointly organised by the Ritual in Motion Research Network and the Re-enchantment of Central-Eastern Europe research group, brings together organisers and participants of public festivities, NGOs, artists, and academics. The symposium is a vehicle of sharing practical insights into the creative processes, while also providing space for interested academics to present and share their research.
Scientific Committee: Olga Cieslarová (Charles University Prague), Laurent-Sébastien Fournier (Aix-Marseille University), Aurélie Godet (Université de Paris), Martin Pehal (Charles University Prague), Sarah M. Pike (California State University), Barry Stephenson (Memorial University New Foundland), Alessandro Testa (Charles University Prague).

Symposium website: For updates, visit the Ritual in Motion Research Network (RMRN) website.


Symposium is held under the auspices of the Creativity and Adaptability as Conditions for the Success of Europe in an Interrelated World (KREAS) project.



18 září

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