18. March 2019. Institute of Economic and Social History and Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education – Economics Institute invite you to attend a lecture of Filip Novokmet, Ph.D. from the University of Bonn, Germany, “The long-run evolution of inequality in the Czech Lands” The lecture will be held on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 2 p.m.CERGE-EI, Politických vězňů 7, Praha 1 2nd floor, room no. 6.

8. March 2019. CFP for an international workshop Working all night: modernity, night shifts and the temporal organization of labour across political and economic regimes (14. – 16. November 2019) has been published. Details here: Call4Abstracts w Poster To Go-2-3-1 Call4Abstracts w Poster To Go-2-3-2.

8. March 2019. CFP for an international congres LA UTOPÍA Y EL NUEVO MUNDO,  (SIAS 5. and 6. November 2019) has been published. Please send your abstracts to: until 1. June.

4 March 2019. KREAS and The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies have published the CFP for an international conference From the Paris Lectures to the Carstesian Meditations. The Legacy of Husserl´s Transcendental Phenomenology. Details here.

2 March 2019. The Institute of Classical Archaeology invites you to attend the lecture series Current Issues in Archaeology. On Wednesdays from 20.2.2019 to 22.5.2019 (except for 24.4., 1.5. and 8.5.), Celetná 20, room no. 49, at 16:00.

26 February 2019. The KREAS Project and the Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures are pleased to invite you to a workshop “Frankenstein: Emancipatory Narrative and the Role of the Reader”. Tuesday, 12 March 2019, 14.00-17.00, Room 111.

19 February 2019. Department of Ethnology invites you to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of publishing of the book Ethnic Groups and Boundaries and presentation of the book Ethnic Groups and Boundaries Today: The Legacy of 50 Years. This event take places 22.3.2019 from 13:00 in room no. 301 at the Faculty main building.

14 February 2019. Department of English Language and ELT Methodology invites youinvites you to attend the course Medieval Thought: An Interdisciplinary perspective. The lectures take place form 20 February to 22 May in Room 104 of the Faculty main building (náměstí Jana Palacha 2, Prague 1) on Wednesdays between 3.50 and 5.20 p.m., with one exception: the first session in may will take place on Monday 6 May.

10 January 2019. HIP (Hegel in Interdisciplinary Perspective) invites you to attend a workshop, this time under a quote taken from passages of Hegel’s interpretation of Antigone in the Phenomenology of Spirits “Womanhood – Irony of the Polis”. 11. 1. 2019, 14:15, at room n. 217, nám. Jana Palacha 2. Womanhood – program.

21 December 2018. The tentative program for the international conference THINGS IN POEMS – POEMS OF THINGS  (Charles University 30. 1.–2. 2. 2019) has been released.

14 December 2018. FF, KREAS and DHIW invite you to attend a lecture: prof. Dr. Daqing Yang (Washington ): History Dialogue for All? Joint Historians’ Commissions in Europe and East Asia. January 9th, 2019, Charles University, 14:10 – 15:40, venue Faculty of Arts, Jana Palacha 2, room 201.

29 November 2018. Centre for Political Philosophy, Ethics and Religion (CPPER) invites you to attend workshop „Human rights – 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights workshop “, 4. 12. 2018,  9:30 – 14:15, Akademické konferenční centrum, Filozofický ústav AVČR, Husova 4a, Praha 1.

29 November 2018. Centre for Political Philosophy, Ethics and Religion (CPPER) invites you to attend a lecture Aryeh Neier: Can the Global Trend Against Human Rights be Reversed?, 3. 12. 2018 16.30 – 18:00,  at room 200 (Jana Palacha 1/2).

23 November 2018. Institute of Ethnography invites you to attend a lecture of prof. Thomase Hyllanda Eriksena: “To see the world in a grain of sand. The problem of scaling in ethnography28. 11. 2018, 12:30, C138, Celetná 20.

26 November 2018. International workshopNorthern Europe and Transnational Reception of Arts and Literature.

23 November 2018. International conference at Metropolitan University Prague „Multiple Modernities in Latin America. Discourse on modernity and antimodernity in the political and identification processes from 19th-21st century“.

13 November 2018. 15th International Conference of ESTS Author as Editor, Editor as author”. 15-17 November 2018. For more details click here

11 November 2018.  An Interdisciplinary Conference Performativity and Creativity in Modern Cultures”. 22-24 November 2019 . Call for papers – papers should be submitted by 1 March 2019 .

7 November 2018. The lecture of prof. Ilse Schoep from KU Leuven “Current Issues in Archaeology”, the lecture will be delivered on November 7th at 16:00 at room C049 (Celetna 20).

7 November 2018. 4th Conference of the Southeast-European Association for Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle, Rhetoric I.1-6, 22-24 November 2018, Hybernska 4, Prague.

29 October 2018. Emerald Publishing just published the book by Petr Lupač from the Department of Sociology –  Beyond the Digital Divide: Contextualizing the Information Society.

29 October 2018. Center for the Study of the Middle Ages and VP1 invite you to attend lecture series Medieval Conflicts and Contrasts: Metaphors.

29 October 2018. November 15th – 16th, 2018, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, venue Faculty of Arts, Sporck-Sweerts Palace, Hybernská 3, room 303. Institute of Sociological Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, KREAS VP2WP3 “Adaptation in Historical Perspective” research team, and REACH project at the Institute of World History of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, invite you to attend a workshop Resilience of Heritage in Resilient Cities.

23 October 2018. The lecture of Dick Smakman from Leiden University “The westernising mechanisms in sociolinguistics: trends and solutions, the lecture will be delivered on October 24th at 14:10 at room 419a (Jana Palacha 1/2).

17 October 2018. Department of Ethnography invites you to attend a lecture of prof Didie Fassin Revisiting thing theory. An ethnography of prison worlds. The lecture will be delivered on October the 31th at room 200 (Jana Palacha 1/2).  

11 October 2018. October 24, at 10 a.m., in the Špork palace (Hybernská 3, room H303) The lecture of prof. Jennifer Cole from Northwestern University- The linguistic and social functions of prosody .

11 October 2018. Department of Ethnology invites you to attend a lecture „Boundaries between Anthropology and Autobiography“ by Judith Okely, Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Oxford. The lecture will be delivered on October the 17th at 12:30 at room 138 (Celetná 20, Prague 1). The lecture is part of the „Ethnography and Theory“ series.

28 September 2018. Just published: Field Report Exploring Space, Economy, and Interregional Interaction at a Second-Millennium B.C.E. Citadel in Central Western Anatolia: 2014-2017 Research at Kaymakçı.

26-28 September 2018. 2nd International “Network Hegel’s Relevance” Conference An Ethical Modernity? Hegel’s Concept of Ethical Life Today – Its Limits and Potential.  The second conference of the international network discusses various aspects of Hegel’s concept of ethical life (Sittlichkeit). Its aim is to elaborate on its relevance for contemporary discussions in political and social theory and analyze especially the nature of modern Sittlichkeit.

27-28 September 2018. International Symposium  What makes a region.

20-22 September 2018. VIII. International Conference CEACS (Central European Association for Canadian Studies). Keanote speakers: Dianne Draper, Geography Professor, University of Calgary, John A. Hall, Professor of Comparative Historical Sociology, McGill University, Paul-André Linteau, Historian, Associated Professor, Université du Québec à Montréal, Kurth Spenrath, Writer, Director and Producer.

CFP: International conference Phenomenology and Personal Identity”. 20-30 November 2018. The conference “Phenomenology and Personal Identity” addresses the question of a possible relation between recent phenomenological research on selfhood and the question of personal identity. The current discussion on personal identity focuses primarily on the so-called “persistence question”: what are the necessary and sufficient conditions for a person at time t1 to be the same as a person at time t2? Apart from the question of the persistence of a person across time (and his or her “re-identification”), there is also the question of the enduring (or constant) individual characteristics of a person. Both issues can be addressed in terms of a phenomenological inquiry into selfhood, more precisely, into the temporality, spatiality, narrativity, and normativity of selfhood.


CFP: International workshop Resilience of Heritage in Resilient Cities“. We invite authors of both theoretical or empirical research studies to join us at a workshop devoted to the concept of resilience in general and connected to urban heritage in particular (November 15th – 16th, 2018, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic). The idea of the workshop is rooted in our project which observes adaptation processes in historical perspective in the context of accelerating urbanization; focuses on the new important phenomenon of cultural heritage; analyses the role of experts in managing our society in various regions.

30 May 2018. A consorcium of European universities, including CUFA, has received a grant from the European Union for its project Migration and Modernity – Historical and Cultural Challenges (MOVES). The project coordinator is Professor Martin Procházka (Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures). The project has received 98% in the evaluation and will be supported for the period of four years.

24-25 May 2018 International Workshop  Diversity and Local Contexts: Adaptation and Heritage. CFP: We invite authors of both theoretical contributions and empirical research studies to join us at a research workshop focused on exploring the relationship between urban heritage and cultural identities in their historical, geopolitical and socio-cultural dimensions and contexts. After Graham and Howard, we approach heritage as “the ways in which very selective past material artefacts, natural landscapes, mythologies, memories and traditions become cultural, political and economic resources for the present.”

22-23 May 2018 The Seventh Annual Screen Industries in East-Central Europe Conference (SIECE) investigates historical and contemporary dimensions of the region’s audiovisual media industries from all angles – local, transnational, economic, cultural, social, and political – and through a broad range of original scholarship delivered in the form of conceptual papers and empirical case-studies.

20 April 2018. 2nd Kick-off meeting

8 February 2018. 1st KREAS kick-off meeting